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How to get Free Last Wish Raid Loot Solo! [Destiny 2]

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How to get Free Last Wish Raid Loot Solo! [Destiny 2]


Hey Guys, Plunder here

So, in this video I wanted to go over how to get free raid loot solo. This is for the last wish raid in the dreaming city.

Yes, I do know that other people have made guides on this already but I have close to 100 subscribers that requested this video from me so that is why we are going over this. And yes you can get god roll weapons and also enhanced perks on your armor from this so it is definitely worth it if you’re a solo player or if this is the only option you have in a week.

If you guys do enjoy this video, make sure to drop and like and subscribe if you found this information helpful as it really helps me out.

Okay let’s jump into this!

The first thing to do is load into the last wish raid in the dreaming city and follow the path that I take to the wall of wishes. By entering in a sequence here we will be able to teleport to other boss checkpoints. The first checkpoint is the Shuro Chi one so just enter in the 4th wish THAT you see here on screen. There is also a link in the description down below with the 4th wish image and the 5th wish image that we will use here in a minute. Make sure to enter in all the symbols exactly as it shows. Do not step on the plate in the middle of the room until all symbols are entered in correctly. Double check them before you stand on the plate Once you’re done step on and you will be teleport-ed to the Shuro Chi checkpoint.

We’re going to turn around from here and just follow the path that I take to the first chest location. This chest can be looted on all 3 characters once a week! If you need help Jumping pulling out a sword and doing this in third person might be helpful for you.

Okay that is one chest down that you can get on all 3 characters. Now open your destination window and hold x over the reset button for the raid then click launch. This will load you back into the last wish raid. Head back to the wall of wishes and enter in wish number 5 that you see here on screen and you can also find this image down below in the description.

We basically have to make this jump across this huge abyss. Only warlocks and Titans can make this with certain abilities and armor. Hunters cannot make this, but I will show where you can spawn a hunter in so that they can get the chest as well if you want to help a hunter friend out.

We will do this on the warlock first. You will want the worldline zero sword equipped and make sure you have raid banners with you if you need to attempt this a few times. Sprint towards the edge and use the RT ability to disappear. As soon as you disappear from the screen double tap A or whatever your jump button is and this will give you a huge boost as soon as you start to run out of speed around the turn back sign just pop your super and and use the teleport ability to make it the rest of the way. Don’t spam this just use it each time you start to fall. This might take a couple tries to get use to it so that is why you should bring some rally banners with you. Once you make it across just follow the path I take along the side of the cliff to get to the second chest. Also, if you don’t have to worldline zero sword just search youtube on a guide on how to get it as there are plenty.

Next we have the titan and you need just any old legendary sword and the exotic boots lion rampants. We are basically sword flying and you just want to jump up in the air. swing your sword. when the animation finishes and you start to fall you want to tap a twice again then swing your sword again and do this over and over to get across the abyss. Practice this first so you can get the hang of it so you dont have stare at the wipe screen if your having trouble. You can also have on code of the missile and use your titan super to finish the end of the jump if you need to and honestly its probably easiest this way but maybe some of you dont have it unlocked and if not you can definitely sword fly across the entire thing as I showed.

Now if you want to help a Hunter friend once you jump across the abyss you just head down to the left until you reach The First Spire. Then invite any friends. Once the completely load in you can all head back to the chest. The raid chest does have a despawn timer so make sure that everyone is there before you open it up so no one gets left behind.

I hope this guide helped you guys out and let me know down in the comments if I missed anything or if you guys have any questions about any steps! I respond to every comment so I will be sure to answer you all and help out as best as I can.

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