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Full Black Armory Badge Guide! - How to Collect All Items (For the Destiny 2 Blacksmith Seal)

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Here's how to get all of the items within the Annual Pass: Black Armory Collections Badge for the Blacksmith Title in Destiny 2. Below are all the guides you'll need to unlock these items.

- The Triumph for completing the Badge is GLITCHED. Sometimes it can reward you with the triumph even if you only have a few items. For most people you will probably need all of these items.
- Leh Monarque can also drop from Powerful Frames forged in the Bergusia Forge.
- Black Armory ExoticS and the Threat Level (Raid Shotgun) aren’t required for the Badge but are required for the Seal (to unlock triumphs.)
- The Emblem Variants I mentioned in the video are not required for the Badge. They are rewarded from the "500 kills" Triumphs, but you only need the base Forge Emblems.


Izanagi's Burden / Mysterious Box Full Guide -

Obsidian Dreams Emblem / Triumph / Epilogue Cutscene -

Niobe Labs Level 7 Puzzle (Niobe's Torment Guide) -


All 3 Family Emblems / Volundr Secret Puzzle -

Black Armory Papers (Lore) Guide -

The Volundr Sparrow, Gofannon Ghost Shell and the Izanami Ghost Shell have a chance to drop from their respective Forges.

For Scourge of the Past Raid Challenges and Triumphs, please check on YouTube for guides since I do not make raid guides.

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